Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8 a Day

I need 8, sometimes more. Not that I count them or anything. It may sound dumb, but I am talking about hugs. One of my love languages is physical affection, not only to give but to receive. No, I am not one of those creepy people who goes around hugging everyone, but I really do need physical affection. Mostly from P, but I do receive love from others through physical touch. Last year when P and I went to the Dave Ramsey seminar, he talked about how most women have a "security gland" and that gland can be eased through affection. He said to all the men several times "hug your wives." He said, "your wife needs at least 5 non sexual hugs a day." I don't know if that is true for most women, but for me it is totally true. Being embraced by P in the middle of a tough situation, or after an argument, just puts my mind at ease. And those times when he just comes up, and hugs me for a few seconds, that is how I feel his love and receive his love. Even when we are sitting on the couch watching t.v., I like to touch him with my foot, or even just have his hand resting on my leg. There is just something so comforting to me about physical touch.
I remember when I moved away to graduate school, I didn't know anyone. After about a week I started feeling weird, and I realized that the last last people that I had hugged, or even touched were my parents who helped me move. That made me really sad.
So yes, I need my 8 a day, it is kind of like my vitamins.


Amy Lynne said...

I am so a hugger! But I am like you, not into stangers, just my boys and my hubby. I know what you mean about feeling comfort from a touch.

Anonymous said...

if I was there, I would give you a hug. this is a good reminder to hug more often : )

Brooke said...

i'm like you - i have to have a couple of real-feet-off-the-ground hugs a day. not to mention foot snuggles and spooning!!

Anonymous said...

try this for a direct link