Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions:

1.I gave the thumbs up sign 7 times in a 2 minute conversation. When did I start giving the thumbs up sign? And how much excitement or confirmation does someone need from me that I would do such a thing.

2.Sometimes when I have to sneeze, I just sneeze on P. He thinks it funny to shout or make a sudden movement when I am about to sneeze. To get back at him for steeling my sneeze, I sneeze at him.

3. I wore socks with flip flops. The kind of flip flops with strap that goes between your toes. It was wildly uncomfortable, and I looked like an idiot, but I didn't care.

4. We got Subway sandwiches. I finished my footlong before P even finished his 1st 1/2.

Fess up friends, tell me what you did wrong this week.


Denise said...

I got caught by my co-worker checking instagram while I was on a telecon.

and, well...I tried sneaking into my daughters game without paying. it didn't work :(

Ashten Postell said...

At crossfit on Wednesday we had to do box jumps. Ladies are supposed to use a 20 in box. I grabbed a 16 inch box for beginners since I despise box jumps (my shins really hate them)and rocked through the workout. It’s safe to say I cheated a little.