Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't see my friends nearly enough. I realized that yesterday. True friends are hard to come by and I realize more and more that you really need to nurture those relationships and prusue those people. I am so fortunate that P is my best friend and that he is someone I can pour my heart out to. I am also fortunate enough to work at the same school as my college roomate. Plus, P and her husband are really good friends, so it is always so much fun to hang out with them.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with about 20 of my friends, many of whom travled hours to come and work for a weekend. It was so much fun to see friends that I have not seen in months. Whenever I walk away after being around friends, my one wish is that everyone I love could live in the same town. It would be so much fun! We would just hang out and play all the time! How great would that be? But then reality hits and I realize that everyone has their own lives and their own familes, and work, that they need to get back to.
That is why I decided that I am going to reach out to 1 friend every day for the rest of the year. It does not have to be anything big, but everyday I am going to try and contact a friend or family member. It can be a call, text, email, facebook message, letter, note, or converstation. I just want my friends to know they are important to me and that they are loved.

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