Friday, February 5, 2010

Wars (Part 2): Toaster Edition

Round number two, here we go. We have had fan wars, there is most defiantly cover wars (blog to come), and now it is onto toaster wars. P and I just got a toaster from my parents for Christmas. Yes, we went over 2 years without a toaster, and we were just fine. P had been wanting one for a while, but we don't eat a ton of bread, so I always asked what is the point? Anyways, we got one, set it in our kitchen and it works great. It is nice to have a warm piece of toast with eggs in the morning.

However, P and I like our toast differently. He likes his mega toasted, too toasted in my opinion. Toasted to the point that it is dry, flaky, and scrapes the top of your mouth. It is akin to something like a charred, black brick that leaves crumbs every where. I on the other hand, like it lightly toasted with just a minimal amount of crunch. I like food with a softer texture, rather than take a bit out of something and have all moisture suddenly depleted from my mouth. I like to think of this type of toast as an A bomb that explodes in my mouth. It explodes, destroys everything in sight, then leaves the area as a dry, uninhabitable wasteland, that can never return to its former post traumatic, apocalyptic, state.

Anywho, the dial on our toaster gets quite a workout. You have no idea how disturbing it is wake up, pop in a piece of toast, then go about my morning only to smell the putrid scent dying grains coming from my kitchen. So just as the fans continue to go off and on several times a day, the toaster dial continues to run the gauntlet from one extreme to another.

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Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...


If only they made a toaster remote...

And are you two on the same page in regard to the Super Bowl? I sure hope so! Geaux Saints!

I'm off to make some toast...

Happy Weekend to you, my friend!