Thursday, July 29, 2010


It is time for a little bit of braggage. Bragging on my parents.
First, they are so stinkin cool and I just love them, and I love who they are.
Second, they are so close to paying off their house early---it is awesome.
After P and I discovered Dave Ramsey, I told my parents about him and his plan, and they started to look into it. Then earlier this year they went to one of his seminars when he was in Houston, and they got fired up about getting out of debt. The only debt they have is their home, and ever since the seminar, they have been fired up about getting the house paid off. The goal is to get it paid off by December of this year. They are working the snowball like mad men and working so hard to pay off their home.
They are so pumped up about it. My mom keeps saying that they are going to have a major party once the house has been paid off, and they are going to burn the mortgage papers!
It is so cool seeing them going down the right track and getting it together. WOW!
So awesome!!!


Denise said...

that is so cool. way to go mom and dad!!

Brooke said...

congrats to them!!! :) my parents did this a few years ago (although it was only because their 30 years were almost up) and we had a great celebration