Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its over

Summer is officially over--boo.
Now it is off to life and the real world. Well, the real world actually started on Tuesday, but I never got around to posting. Yesterday was the first day of school. It is teacher in-service this week and then classes start next Tuesday. Where did my summer go?
It went to the kitchen. Cooking for 16 hours a day. Insane heat, insane pressure, insane hours, insane work get the picture--but the reality of it is--I loved it. I did. I loved every second of it.
I loved getting to work along side my husband all day. I loved getting to talk, socialize, and spend time with other adults all day long. I loved that my commute to work was 2 minutes and that it didn't even require 4 wheels, just mut and jeff (my feet). I loved the pressure to preform day in and day out. I loved getting the opportunity to serve people. I loved getting to watch 300+ people eat the food that I made for them. I loved the the rush of trying to get the dishes cleaned and put up as fast as possible. I loved it all. And I will miss it.
Could it lead to a career change?? Maybe? One day?
There is a ton of stuff that I could see myself doing. I think it would be great to work in a university. To work on the admin side, would be a dream. I would also really like to work as a financial advisor. I am so passionate about finances (thanks Dave), and it gets me so excited when people ask me about finances. I really like walking through the process with them and laying out the baby steps for them. I could see myself doing so many things besides teaching.
I like teaching, for the most part. There are times when I think that I would rather do something else. I am so task oriented, and teaching is not task oriented. I like sitting at a desk, making a list of things to do, and then just start checking them off. I like casual chatting throughout the day, (to adults that is).
There is a lot to teaching that I enjoy, and there is a lot to teaching that is really difficult for me. There are things that are simply ridiculous, that I feel like teachers should not have to do, nor should they have to put up with.
For now, I am going to continue to pray about my attitude and my class for the year.
Time to get into teacher mode.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I think any of those professions would be so rewarding. What you are doing is rewarding too - but maybe change would be a good thing! I would pray about it for sure!!

Brooke said...

looks like summer has gotten you doing some pretty serious thinking.