Friday, December 31, 2010


(This is P holding him in the picture, not me)
Meet Bear, our the newest four legged friend to our clan. Bear is an off spring of our dog, and our bff's dog. ( I know you can't tell from these pictures, but he has the coolest ice blue eyes)
We have a border collie and love him. He has the greatest disposition, and is extremely smart, and when we had the chance to take one of the 4 puppies of the litter, we chose him.
It is possible P's mom and dad might take him, but if not, then we are going to keep him.
Its been a hilarious week with this new puppy in our crib.

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Anonymous said...

my puppy is biting my toes as I sit here right now! I have definitely added more play time into my days! I can see the blue eyes - they are cool!!