Sunday, February 20, 2011


Its confession are some random tidbits

I hate showering. I hate it. I love to take baths. I do about 45% of my reading in the bathroom. I love a good soak. I read in the tub every night.

Every now and again I like to read books meant for girls in high school. Just fun easy reads and it reminds me of when I was in high school, and the biggest worry was if some boy liked me.

One day this week, I ate 6 cinnamon rolls. 6 large, huge, fatty cinnamon rolls.

I could eat at Subway every day. Sandwiches are the best. I will throw anything on a piece of bread, or even on a salad for that matter.

I am a big dork, and I know it.

Sometimes, I buy cake icing and eat right out of the container while standing in front of the fridge.

I want to be a chef.

I have been drinking quite a bit of wine lately.


Anonymous said...

Not very green with a bath everyday hmm..........

Anonymous said...

these made me laugh!

Rochelle said...

Hahaha- everyone has a few confessions of their own that they would rather not admit! Just don't drink the wine while in the tub!! Hehe!!

Serendipity said...

I am a huge dork. I know it and accept it.