Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Were not so tough

Every thing's bigger in Texas they say, but not so tough, me thinks.
Its cold here, well, cold for us, and we have been hit by a major arctic blast.
It is about 19 but feels like 9 with the wind chill.
We could get snow, at most an inch.
Because of that, business are closing, schools are closing, roads are being shut down. It is kind of hilarious. No one can talk about anything other than the weather. This is South Texas, and our blood is thin, thin, thin.
It is cold, but it will be back in the 40's by Friday, and yet, we are still freaking out. Plus, we are having rolling black outs because people are using so much electricity to heat the houses.
Unlike other cold weather states, our pipes are not buried deep in the ground, so we are all dripping our faucets, to keep them from freezing. I feel horrible doing it, but I know we have too. So I have been keeping bowls and pitchers in the sink to catch the water to use it around the house. I fill up the dog bowl, use it to remove the ice from my windshield.
So we are all bundled up, and everyone is hoping for "snow." The kind that falls then melts when it hits the ground.
So maybe were not so tough in Texas.


Nicole said...

You're tougher than you think! I could never deal with the hot weather the way you guys do. At least in the cold here, we can layer up and pile on the blankets. Plus, secretly, most of us love love love all the snow. :)

Brooke said...

we shut school down for the threat of snow...but mostly because we have mountains that school buses could slide off the side of :P

why is everyone getting snow but us??