Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Confessions

Hey guys, I know its been all quite on the blog front around here, but I promise I will be back to posting regularly this weekend.

Here are my Friday confessions:

1. I swallowed every piece of gum that I ate this week. Probably around 10 pieces.
2. I set the computer up in the bathroom to watch Hulu while I took a bath.
3. We have gone out and bought packages of cookies 3 times this week, and cleared them all that night.
4. I blow dried the sweat out of my hair before work rather than wash it. Twice.

OK, what did you do wrong this week? Fess up!


Michelle P said...

Why do you swallow so much gum? haha

Brooke said...

love the hulu from the tub idea!!! :)