Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Will

I will give less energy to dreading. I will trust my training. I will do my best to not be afraid.

                       Kristen Armstrong.

I am currently reading the book Mile Markers by Kristen Armstrong. This is one of the best books I have read in years. The book speaks to me on so many levels. It speaks to me about the physicality of running, the spirituality of running, the emotion of running, and the growth that comes from being a runner. It speaks to me about life, friendship, womanhood, family, and faith.

She puts into words exactly how I feel about certain situations and experiences. She is raw, vulnerable and sappy, but who said those had to be bad things?

I read the quote above and it really stuck me. One of my weaknesses is fear. I feel like I go through life trying to dodge fear, or manage situations so that I won't have to take that leap of faith into the unknown. So I won't have to fear falling down and having to get back up, or worse, falling down and never getting back up.

Earlier this week I tried to make a major rash decision based upon fear. I kept telling P I had a bad feeling and I knew things were going to be bad, and terrible, and I gave into the dread, and allowed myself to believe that I didn't have the strength, determination, or will to take this risk. So often I fear the unknown, I fear new situations and new people. When I give into fear, I lose faith in myself, and faith that the Lord will be right there with me. 

Today, I will keep reminding myself, to not be afraid. 


Brooke said...

"Whenever I am afraid I will trust in you." I know that David had real fear to deal with when he wrote that Psalm, but it helps me when fear creeps into my heart - even if it is just over a silly snake or mouse!

Denise said...

may just need to read that book.

Penny pincher said...

What did you fear with p?

holly said...

That sounds like a great book! Glad you found a book you really enjoy!
Hope you have a great rest of the week!