Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Confessions: Raging Edition

Happy Friday everyone.

Buckle up guys, because its going to be a long one, I have been a naughty girl this week.

Let me preface this by saying that my allergies have been so bad that my dr. has put my on steroids to function. I noticed a few days ago that I was feeling a bit off, so I started researching the drugs. As it turns out,  the 'roids have a pretty bad side effect on some people--it makes them mad and prone to experience fits of rage. So yea. Ive been pissed off all week, at everyone, in every situation.

1.I have not called my mom but once this week. Normally, I talk to my mom on the phone everyday on the way home from work. After P sauce, she is my bff. But, given my bad mood I didn't want to spread my bad attitude to her. She is too great to deserve my rage.

2. I have mentally cursed out everyone in my office. Again, given the 'roids, my fuse has been short, and everyone that has come into my office has been given a mental lashing. They all annoy me.

3. P sauce and I got into a fight over candy. Specifically over easter candy. I bought some for him, it turned into a situation where I dropped words that sounded like "muck" or "suck" and "hit" "bit" and "mit." Concluded with me storming off, slamming the bedroom door and laying on the bed for a long time without speaking to him.

4. I asked my boss if I could fire one of my employees.  When she asked why, I told her because he annoys me. Apparently annoyance is not reasonable cause for termination.

5. I had a 6 mile run in mind this morning.  I ran 2 miles and came back home. Because 2 miles is the same thing as 6 miles. Yep, sure is.

6. A friend emailed me and told me she felt like we had grown apart. Rather than agree, and apologize for being a bad friend, I told her it was her fault because she does not email, call, or FaceTime me much anymore. She felt really bad. I think I made her cry. I made no attempt to make her feel better.

7.P has been doing a bunch of projects around the house that I requested.  He even took a day off work to finish one of the projects for me. There are just a few minor adjustments that need to be completed. Rather than say thank you, and show appreciation for his work, I have been nagging him about cleaning up the tools all around the house.

I am a big fat jerk.

Fess up friends.


Amanda S said...

I'm so sorry about it all! I feel the same way with my mom, I only want to tell her the good stuff and make sure she doesn't have to deal with all the bad sides of my life. Hopefully things start looking better for you soon!

Ashten said...

Hey girl! I hope you have a great weekend and start feeling better!

I was venting about my mom on Monday to a friend, then she called (guess her ears were ringing) to see how I was since she hadn't talked to me in a few days, I was super short and told her I was about to go to bed so I could get off the phone. It was 6 pm.

I have a dinner planned for Saturday but I am inviting one of my friends last minute hoping she cannot make it because I don't like her boyfriend.

NapaKat said...

eww to roid rage, I'm sorry dear. I told on my 32 year old sister for calling in 'sick' to my mom. I cleverly disguised it as, "if you come by my house don't be surprised that she's home" I just wanted mom to bitch at her for being irresponsible.

I woke up at 5 to go for a run, and spend 90 minutes reading blogs and cuddling with the dogs

Buying a Burning Man ticket caused me to be late with my daycare payment, I made it sound like I just forgot.

Have a good weekend!

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

I'll save my confessions for today's post, but - just wanted to say that I hope you're feeling better, and have been able to kick the steroids to the curb (AND still manage to breathe). Extra rage-i-ness is never a good thing. :-/

Brooke said...

i'm only reading last friday's post this friday. how's that for a confession?