Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Before and After---Springtime Backyard Clean Up

Spring has sprung! You know what that means--its time to clean up and clean out. Its time to get rid of the old and in with the new, fresh, and clean.

These past few weeks, P and I have spent a lot of time cleaning up, cleaning out, and sprucing things up around the house.

This past weekend, we were outside as much as possible. It was sunny, warm, and perfect.

First up, the area next to our a/c unit. We have tried for 2 years to get something to grow in this area, and nothing will. The guy at the plant store thinks there may have been some oil or chemicals spilled in the area from the original unit years ago, and that the soil is contaminated. Once contaminated, nothing will grow there. So we decided to do a "California garden" and now it is just rocks and a pot with some plants.

Next, we began to clean up the small area under our kitchen window. We have done plants here twice, and each year, they last for a little while, then they die off. This year we decided to plant jasmine, let it take over the area, and provide a clean look for years to come. 

Finally, we spent the rest of our time removing 3 feet of our deck. We wanted to make the most of the yard space we have. After removing the deck, we planted 3 feet of grass in its place.

Clearly, the dogs are enjoying the new grass.

Next weekend, we plan to use a power washer to remove all the old paint from the deck, then stain it, so it all looks fresh and new.

A few bucks, a little elbow grease, and a lot of sweat later---we like the look of the yard updates!

Have you been doing any spring clean up or clean outs?


Denise said...

I love your backyard. It seems your dogs do too! We are waiting for some grass grow - it has started!!

I like your rock garden too. Nice work :)

alyssa said...

All of those little touches look so lovely! It's amazing what a little bit of green (or smooth stones!) can do to transform a space. I wish I had any outdoor space to plant herbs or vegetables but it's yard-less apartment life for me :/ Great work on your space though! :)

Brooke said...

ooh! nice :)
jay put rocks out in the front bed. we're neither one flower people, so better a one-time project than something we perpetually neglect.

randy cox said...

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Shelley Coday said...
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Shelley Coday said...

Yep, A/Cs tend to be riddled with those kinds of complications, stemming from the stuff they are made of. However, proper repair, should minimize the occurence of spills and the like. There's a chance the freon might be leaking due to the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. A/Cs do have a very delicate system, and need to be closely looked after to keep them going.

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