Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Confessions

Hey y'all, happy Friday!

I hope you have had an amazing week. Let's get our confessions on.

1.After a work out, I laid on the floor and let my dogs lick my face. I was hot, sweaty, and didn't have the energy to push them away. Its sick, and I probably will get rabies or something.

2. Sometimes, I try to convince P that I speak fluent Spanish.  I usually insert Spanish words in the middle of a sentence. For example, I will say Come to the store, con me. Con is the Spanish word for with. Or, I'll say Yo Soy tired.

3. I sneeze on P.  Sometimes I don't cover my mouth and I sneeze right on him. And I sneeze all the time.

4. P and I ate 3 big bags of chips in 2 days. We have a problem.

Fess up Friends!


alyssa said...

I'll see your #4 and raise you: I ate a whole bag of pop chips over the course of ONE DAY. BY MYSELF. Granted, the bags are small... but still. I'm gross. But it was a run day.. and other excuses to make this seem less gross... but it's still bad.
Anyway, have a great weekend! :)

Ashten said...

There is only 1 bike in my apartment gym, I was on it for an hour on Tuesday while someone waited for me to be finished. I was in no rush.

Divergent has taken over my life.

ND Chic said...

I bought a mini summer sausage at the grocery store and consumed about 2/3 of it on my way home. So delicious!

Brooke said...

i'm so boring!!