Thursday, July 24, 2014


Sometimes life takes you to places that you never expect.
Sometimes in life, you bump into someone who becomes a life long friends.
Sometimes in life, you meet those people because of a little blog on a big Internet.

Friendship is a funny thing. It ebbs, it flows, and it changes. Relationships that you held so tightly to in one phase of life slowly drifted away. Other times, people come into your life unexpectedly and stick around for years and decades.

The Internet has changed friendship. People from different walks of life, who under different circumstances would never have met, are suddenly thrust together. Friendships are formed through comments, through emails, through social media platforms.

And occasionally, some of those Internet friendships transform themselves into something more, they become real life friendships. Friendships forged over years of communication through a screen.

But on that rare occasion that you find a friend amongst all those voices on the web that is honest, true, and real, you hope and pray that one day you will get to meet.

That happened to me last night. I got to meet my very first Internet friend.

My husband and I are in Seattle, WA this week on vacation. It just so happens that one of my oldest and dearest bloggy friends lives 20 minutes outside of Seattle.

We met for dinner at an amazing restaurant called Odd Fellows. We spent several hours eating good food, laughing, talking, and getting to know each other beyond the screen.

Thats us. Meet Denise--she is the one on the left. I'm the one in the pink on the right, obviously.
My mom is probably freaking out because I met someone in real life that I met on line. Denise's mom was worried too. 
If you have not had a chance to read her blog, go there now! She is always posting about life in the PNW, her family, her dog, her amazing cooking, and best of all, her photo's. Magazine worthy pics!

Denise, thank you for the years of friendship, and to many many more!

Tell Me: Anyone else met friends in real life that you have met online?


Tania said...

Woot, you're talking to/about me! I met my half brother online (we're not related, but I've known him for almost 14 years now!), and then met him in person when he came to MD for Med school. He's now in FL. I also went to meet my best friend from Chicago (met online for about 2 years before going), along with his wife and another mutual friend, all from online. The next one that may not happen is my friend from FL living in China who is coming to the states for 2 weeks, but our schedules and his visiting cities don't match mine. Sad face. :( I'll meet him eventually. Let's not forget I've already met Sluggy as well! I think it's super exciting and quite the way to meet super cool people. Glad you gals had lots of fun!

Denise said...

okay, first of all - that picture is hilarous! I'm still laughing.

I just got back from a run and was thinking about our visit the entire time. One the way home last night too.

There was just something so real about meeting. I thought I would get butterflies on the way and be all wonky nervous but it was just so easy with the two of you. I think we could have kept talking for hours. I've been thinking about that food too - SOOO good and worth the splurge.

You inspire me and I appreciate you - for you who are. I was thinking of some of the things you said throughout the night and you are truly someone I have been privilged to meet. You are someone I truly call friend - thank you!

enjoy your drive today!

Denise said...

p.s. - you should "instagram" that picture so I can re-gram it - It really is a fun picture!

Denise said...

sorry, I keep thinking of things to say!

I LOVE your gift. I am so putting it in my garden and will think of you everytime I see it. Thank you!!

Brooke said...

i met my husband online! :P so i suppose he's my first "internet friend"
but i've met quite a few buddies that way