Monday, September 29, 2014

Money Monday: Six Months Without Cable

Back in April, my husband and I made the decision to get rid of our satellite t.v. service. Our contract with Dish expired in January, and we never renewed the service. Instead, we subscribed to Aereo.  For us, Aereo was the perfect solution. We were able to watch television on our iPads, cell phones, and computer, anywhere. Plus, it provided 20 hour of DVR service, all for $8.00 a month.
Then, the Supreme Court decided that the way Aereo operated was illegal, and shut them down

After Aereo shutdown, we considered signing back up with satellite. But, when looking at it, we could not justify spending more than $600.00 a year to watch t.v. We ended up doing some research and found that there are some modern, high powered antennas that provide great reception, without a monthly fee. We started at the bottom of the totem pole with the cheapest antenna. It was about
$25.00, and didn't work for us. 
This did not work for us. 
This is the antenna that we have now
We returned it, and stepped up to the $50.00 level. That one worked, but the reception was spotty. Finally, we bought a higher priced antenna, the ClearStream Micro XG Indoor LongRange Antenna, which cost around $100.00. We have been using this one for about 3 months now, and it works well for our purposes. Sure, the picture can get spotty, but its nothing terrible. Plus, it is more sleek and modern than the others, so aesthetically, it looks better. 

In the end, for us, spending $100.00 for basic cable worked. We subscribe to Nextfilx, and so for $8.00 a month, we get a ton of movies and series to choose from. Plus, nearly every cable station has an app that you can stream their shows for free. If none of that works, then we do a quick YouTube search, and can normally find anything we want that way. 

Towards the end of our satellite contract, we found that we were spending way to much time on the couch. We would come home from work, eat dinner on the couch, clean up, and plop right back down on the couch and sit there for hours. We felt lazy and unproductive, but we lacked the discipline to turn off the t.v. and do something with our evenings. 

Now, we tend to come home, cook dinner, watch an episode of The Office on Netflix while cooking, eating, and cleaning up. Then, we will head outside to take a walk, play with the dogs, chat with the neighbors, work in the yard, or run errands. Given that we have less options at our fingertips, we are less likely to sit on the couch for hours on end. 

I can honestly say that I don't miss cable. There is nothing I want to see so badly that I am willing to pay over $100.00 a month for. 

Tell Me: Do you pay for t.v. service? What do you use? What are your favorite shows?


Kristen said...

dang, aero sounds awesome, too bad they shut them down. we dont have cable either, its just too expensive!

Autumn said...

I still have cable - I think about getting rid of it all the time, but I love the premium channels and the sports stuff. We went without cable for about a year and a half and we managed, but found that we spent more money on going out to watch soccer and football games than we spent on cable.

Anonymous said...

I cut it when I moved since I wouldn't have a roommate to split utilities with anymore and just could not justify spending all of that money on my own for TV when I rarely watch it and certainly don't need it. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime, and that's plenty. I gather with friends for football most of the time and live around the corner from bars that screen all the games if worst comes to worst. It just isn't worth it!

I might look into getting an antenna like that down the line for the odd sick day where I want to watch Ellen or specials here and there, so I'm gonna hold onto this post and look at the one you ended up with!

PK said...

We cut the cable some time back (but I haven't got around to writing up the experience yet!) and go with a collection of movies and shows we own, broadcast, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I put a big ugly beast of the antenna up... inside the attic, so the aesthetics of the downstairs and outside are maintained at the expense of worse reception, haha. We get around 80-90 channels depending on weather in the South San Francisco Bay.

I don't miss cable - and the $1,200 we were dropping a year.

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Love this! We are thinking about getting rid of cable. We just signed up for Netflix and I think that will make the switch easier for us :)

Jen @ Save to Splurge said...

Our rent includes cable, but we could do without it! Like you said, all our shows can be streamed online anyway. And we have access to a Netflix account. We love The Voice, New Girl, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory! I already feel like that is too many shows!