Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grocery Shopping

One thing in my life that is not simple is grocery shopping. Even though it is not simple, I really really like to go to the grocery store. I like to go by myself, look around, compare prices and products, and eat the samples. (So nummy!!!) All in all, I have a great time. The part of my trip that is not simple is the checkout process. 1st, I am a pretty big coupon user. (Annoying to those behind me, I know) I feel like it is such a waste not to use them. Honestly, it takes less than 5 minutes to clip them from the paper, and you can save so much money. 2nd, I use green bags. I am not sure of the proper etiquette for using green bags, but it always seems to annoy the cashier when I hand them over. Plus, when I get to the checkout stand, my type A personality really shines. One of my love languages is efficency, and so I like to get things done really quickly, and do them right the 1st time. So there I am at the checkout with my coups, and green bags, and I am adamit about not using plastic bags, and so I try to make sure that all of my green bags are loaded, because sometimes the checker does not fill them to the top. I have been known to condence 2 bags into one so that the checker does not have to use the plastic ones. So, to all of those checkers out there, I am sorry, but thank you for your work. (I am always very friendly, and sometimes I get pretty chatty with yall. Some people are super rude and I do not like that.) Anywho..... here is a quick story.......
Usually, I do all my shopping at Walmart because I can get everything I need in one place for a really great price. Now, I know some people are not crazy about Walmart, but thats where my Mom has shopped all of my life, so it is how I grew up. However, latley, I have been going to a grocery store called HEB. I don't think there are HEB's up North, but they are all over down South. Let me tell you why I switched....
A few weeks ago I ran into HEB to pick up something quickly, and a huge special caught my eye. Each week HEB has this special called the Meal Deal, and its awesome. Here is how it works, 1st you buy one item, i.e. a roast. Then they have 6 or 7 items that you get for FREE, to make a complete meal. For example, a few weeks ago I bought a roast for $10.00, and I got soda, foil, biscuts, gravy mix, butter, and a bag of salad for free. It was so great! So each week I check the paper and if they have a good deal, I go buy it.

So thats it. Thats my adventures in grocery shopping. Not simple, but it is one of my pleasures.

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