Monday, January 19, 2009

Rolling Change

I know that what I am about to say might make me sound (A) Crazy, (B) Neurotic, (C) OCD, (D) All of the above.
I like to roll change. There I said it. No that is not code for doing drugs, it is true, I like to roll change. I like to put in a movie, take a big jar of change, and put the change into paper rolls. I like to do this because you take something in total chaos, and organize it. That is the goal--- I like to organize! It brings me so much pleasure to take somthing in dissaray, and make it nice, neat, and easy to find.
Rolling change has become a tradition that I have with my dad. Every day, my dad come home and puts his pocket change into a bowl by the door. When the bowl gets full he dumps the change into a box in his closet, and then at Christmas time, we roll it together.
So that's it, that is my neuroses, I like to organize. I like when things are neat, clean, and organized. I don't like clutter, or messy, I like clean! And I like to do it!!!

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