Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simple Living

I have this sign in my house that sits on above my front door that says " Live Simply, Live Well." If my life had a bumper sticker, that would be it. I have come to embrace this motto as my own. So what does it mean? What does it mean to "Live Simply, Live Well?" I am sure there are thousands of possible definations, but for me, it means living a life that is unobstructed by chaos, drama, and stuff. I am by no means a minimalist, (think Moby on MTV Cribs) that is not me. I don't like steril, cold, or dry. Just the oposite, I like warm, inviting, funny, and cozy. For me, living simple means getting rid of clutter and junk. It means not spending money on things that I kind of like, or kind of want. It means spending my resources on things that I truly desire. I don't want to fill my home with things simply because I can. In the same way I don't want to fill my heart and my life with junk that only takes up room, and distracts me from the things that are of value and have worth.
So who am I? I am a woman who loves Jesus Christ with all of my heart. I am a woman who thanks Him every night for all that He has given me. I am a woman who has been blessed to have found the love of my life at an early age, for my readers, I will refer to him as P. I am also blessed with a wonderful family, and wonderful inlaws. Both sides of our family are wonderful and offer so much love, encouragement, and insight into lifes challenges.
That is me in a nutshell. This is my small, simple space where I will share my joys, challenges, frustrations, hopes, fear, tips, tidbits, and more. Thanks for reading.

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