Monday, March 8, 2010


It is March 8th. Holy stinkin cow. This has been a crazy few weeks. I feel like I have not had a minute to sit down and think. It started with our retreat at school. We take our kids on an overnight retreat which is a blast, just jam packed. After our retreat our school had our re accredition, which added a major level of stress to our already packed schedule at school. We are a private school, and we are accredited by the state, as well as an international private agency. They came for 2 days, interviewed parents, teachers, students, and faculty. They observed our classes, looked at our financials, analyzed our admin, teach staff and techniques, curriculum, and a ton of other stuff. The full report comes out in June, but we had a meeting with the accreditation team after school one day and the preliminary report they gave before leaving was amazing. Basically, at the end of the accreditation, the team explains 2 things, one is things the school does well, the other are major areas in the school that need improvement. Our results--nothing! In the past 60 years that this organization has been around, they have never gone to a school and left with no major recommendations for improvement. WOW! All of our hard work has paid off. It is an amazing acclaim for our school.
Then we have been at a conference the past 3 days. No rest or weekend for the weary I guess. The conference has been great. I have learned a ton and feel re energized, but now I am tired. 3 days of non stop packed days have left me spent. Plus, my bff had her baby last night! She called me when she went into labor and and I ran out of the conference to go to the hospital and got to be there for her labor (just the part before the pushing) and then to see a healthy baby boy!


Anonymous said...

that is such great news about your school. very impressive. now, slow down for a week or so : )

Brooke said...

^5 to the school