Thursday, March 25, 2010

I had big plans last night. Plans to rest. Crazy week at school, track starting, so long days and late nights. I got home last night around 6:20, took the dog for a walk. My plan was to make dinner and veg out. P was laying on the couch with aches and a fever. I made dinner then decided to get dinner ready for tonight, just to make it easier. Yes, done. Everything was done. The house was clean, my bags were packed, all I needed to do and all I wanted to do was take a steaming hot shower, grab my book and lay in bed. (If you are an animal rights activist, you might want to stop reading now.)
Life had other plans that involved a shot gun, a skunk, my sick husband walking in the field with said shot gun, and a very stinky dog.
Yep, our dog got sprayed. It was cold and rainy so I had to take the dog inside to give him a bath. A bath that lasted almost 45 minutes and used ALL of the hot water. Here is the bathing cycle, dog shampoo, rinse, vanilla, rinse, bath and body works products, rinse, more dog shampoo, rinse. For a dog that loves water, this dog hates a bath. By the time we were done, my shirt and shorts were soaked, I used about 5 beach towels, and there was about an inch of water on the floor. While I was bathing our dog, P was in the pasture looking for the culprit, and was unable to find him. I ended up coming in taking a cold shower, put on my p.j.'s and collapsed into bed.
When I got up this morning the yard still smelled like skunk.


Anonymous said...

oh no! well, at least dinner is prepared : )

Brooke said...

use to happen to my dog all the time, but since he was an outside dog we'd just let him stink :P

Anonymous said...

what a great woman!