Friday, April 23, 2010

City Life

I awoke this morning to a city view. Looking out the window, I have been watching people rush to work, cabs being hailed, and vacationers unloading bags for a long weekend. P and I have the day off work, due to Battle of Flowers!! (What prey tell, is that, I will tell you later.) This will be the last time that P and I will be able to get away and relax until the end of August, so we decided to book a room downtown and stay the night. I love city life, I do. The rush, excitement, grit, smog, power, the dichotomy of it all never ceases to thrill me. How can the poor and homeless coexist on the same streets as the wealthy investment bankers? How can the artists and poets scratch out and existence seeking inspiration in the midst of an urban jungle, when surrounded by brief cases and suits? I woke up early, and as I lay in bed I watched the early morning routines of food deliveries, and laundry services make their rounds. Shortly there after I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. Despite the heat and humidity due to the rain yesterday the run was awesome. I ran downtown near the capital then I hit up town lake.

I ran the dirt path and contemplated my competing desires. I have grown to enjoy the quietness of country life. The past 3 years, I have gripped about it, but somewhere along the lines I realized how nice it is to come home and be away from everything. But, at times, I often feel the calling, the urge of city life. Can I have both? Can I have the slow quite of the country, and the excitement of the city? I don't know. Will I ever live in a downtown loft on the 27th floor? I don't think so, especially not as a teacher.

For now, I will just have to keep enjoying my jaunts into the urban jungle.


Rochelle said...

I have the same battle. I love the city but my husband likes the quiet of surburbia. When I worked in Pittsburgh I was able to get my fill of city life and then head home to the quiet and so for many years I had the best of both. Now that I've changed jobs, I really miss my city!!

Anonymous said...

i had those same thoughts when i was in seattle last weekend. still, i am a country girl.

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Running in the city is so interesting - the tendency to get side-tracked by gawking is an ever-present danger to this country gal. :)

Happy Monday to you, my friend!


Brooke said...

i'm a country girl - so i very much enjoy visiting the big city on vacation :D