Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This blog post is looooong over due.

Soo here we go..... I feel pudgy. In other words, a tad bit hefty, yucky. I hate when I put on excess weight. I work out almost every single day, which is great, the problem is that my eating has been OUTOFCONTROL. I have put so much junk into my mouth, in such great quantities, it is ridiculous. I have been eating candy, fries, candy bars, ice cream, you name it, I have eaten it. When I eat bad, my energy level just pelmets. So I am jumping back on the wagon. (The health food wagon that is.)

And..... just in the nick of time, Dmoms swoops in and offers up a challenge. And, I like challenges. It gives me something to work towards, a goal, and with my personality I will jump on that challenge, and meet it, and take it a step forward.

She has a daily workout and I am following her work out plans that she posts on Monday's. I did last week's and I was sore, and felt great, so I will keep it up.

In addition to the workout challenge, she has done some other things to challenge us to live healthier lives. One challenge is to drink more water. I drink a ton every day, but I have been trying to drink even more. Every morning, I fill this cup up to the brim, and chug it before I leave for the day.This big cup of water keeps me full until I get to finally eat around 9:00.
So Denise, thanks for the challenge, and I will keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

you are MOST welcome. Sounds like it was just in the nick of time!! yeah : ) now, keep at it. and stay away from the junk.

Brooke said...

i raise my water glass to you - good luck! :)

Simplelivin' said...

I might have to link over and check her blog out! I have been in a total funk with working out lately! Good luck to yoU!!!