Sunday, June 27, 2010


There is some major ilusting going on for some major i's.
Here is the first one: The Iphone
At first I didn't want one, but now I do. I want one and I want one badly. But, I don't want the payment every month. for now I will continue to use my regualr cell phone that works perfectly well and is more than enough for me.

Number 2: The Mac Laptop
Isn't she beautiful? The image is so clear and she works so fast. I want her, and I want her now. But, once again, I have a perfectly good computer that is hardly a year old. But, still I want her.

As P likes to say "If wishes and wants are candy and nuts, we would all have a wonderful Christmas."


Anonymous said...

I desire neither. Call me strange but it is true. It is okay that you do though, I won't hold it against you : )

Brooke said...

i could live without an iphone - but i want a fancier one that would allow me to blog, play on twitter & facebook.