Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh Jill

So I have been shredding with Jillian for the past several weeks I have been working out with Jillian. And the verdict--it is awesome. I seriously love, and yes I am using the word love, this work out. It is short and hard!!! Seriously, it is amazing. You warm up, do 3 sets of 6 minute circuits which consist of 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, and 1 minute of abs. It is a hard, strenuous work out, but it works. I have been doing it for over a month now and I have seen some major toning in my arms, shoulders, backs, and legs. I get done and I feel amazing! It is so cool. 4 of my friends went out and bought the dvd, and I have about 5 friends doing with me on a daily basis. It is so hard core. I only use 5 pound weights, and at times those feel too heavy for me, but I just have to keep pushing through. I am able to keep pushing because I tell myself that it is a 20 minute work out and I can do anything for 20 minutes. There are 3 levels, and personally I think that level 2 is the hardest. I think that it has the best combo of cardio and strength training of all the levels. It is so great for someone who is busy but still wants a workout. And, best of all, it only cost 9.00 at Target! Score.
Have you tried shredding?


Anonymous said...

you can lift more than 5 - seriously, get yourself a set of 10's for the larger muscle group exercises!! otherwise, I am all about high intensity - short duration workouts.

Brooke said...

great job! i've never been consistant with shredding, but i love having it for a quick workout when i don't have time for anything else.

the only problem i have with it is that i feel like the heavy weights are too much for some exercises, but i feel like i'm not giving it my all if i use light weights. maybe 2 sets is the solution?