Saturday, June 5, 2010

It was like I was meditating

Week one in review= a great success. We made it through one week. 3 meals a day and a snack, for 300+, and we did it. P and I are in the kitchen with 3 other girls, and the high school work crew, again all girls, (so that is a lot of emotion and estrogen comin' at P, but if anyone could handle us, it is P), and we are having fun and working hard.
Earlier this week we made brownies in huge trays, and after they cooled I started to spread the icing. It was hot in the kitchen, (its a huge great room with an open kitchen and 1/2 walls, 1/2 screens, combine that with the heat from the stove and ovens and it is blazing.) Anyways, I was standing there icing the brownies listening to this old school song, and I just lost myself in it. For about 5 minutes time just seemed to stop and I was not thinking, I was just doing, and I felt strangely satisfied, I felt as if I could stand there and spread the frosting on the brownies for hours. I know it may seem over dramatic, but I really did lose myself, and forget about everything around me. I was just there. And, I was actually sad when all the trays were iced and done. Then, I had a huge feeling of satisfaction when I realized that the food I was making was going to be for peoples enjoyment and pleasure, and that gave me so much pleasure. I think that is why I like to bake because my favorite part of the meal is desert. It is what I look forward to every time and I tend to think others do as well, and I love when people delight in what I made for them.
It was so weird those few minutes, and I have tried to duplicate the feeling but somehow could not. But if it takes music and icing to get me back to that place, I am running there fast.


dmoms said...

that my friend is called simply just "being". Awesome!

Brooke said...

glad its going well!! :)