Saturday, October 23, 2010


Breath. Stop. Relax. It is OK. You can relax now. You can stop and smell the roses. You can spend more than an hour with your husband. You can hang out with friends. You are done. It is over.

Alright, that is my mantra right now. Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately. These past 2 weeks have been the most insane weeks of my entire life. I have had 12 or more hour days at work every single day for 2 full weeks. I am tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally, I am exhausted. I had two sports seasons end this week, which was fun, yet sad. We won first place in our district for my soccer team, and we won 3rd place in my district for my cross country team!! I really enjoy coaching sports, it has just been time consuming.
Then the work side. I leave for work about 6:45, and I am going non stop until well after 6:30 almost every day. There is so much going on right now that I just can't get everything done. But it is over, the hectic week, the crazyness, the insanity is over. I hate getting home at 7:45, changing clothes, then heading out the door to run. Getting done with my run, coming inside showering, then going to bed. I have had no life, no life at all.
P has been great through the whole thing. He knows how busy I have been and how frustrated I have been and he has been extremely patient with me. He keeps asking me if he can do anything for me, or help me in any way. I know its been hard having these opposite schedules, but he was so supportive this past few weeks. He is pretty awesome like that.

Confession time now. Thursday night, again, I got home really really late. P and a friend had tickets to a basketball game so he was not home. I ran in, changed clothes, and got ready to run. After my run, I came in, played with our dog, and poured myself the largest glass of wine known to man. And, I proceeded to drink it all. It took me about 45 minutes to finish this monster of a glass. It was huge. This is where it gets a bit crazy. I decided to take a long hot bath. I grabbed a Bon Appetite magazine, my wine, and started soaking in the tub. After I while I started to relax, a lot. I put the magazine down, and looked around the bathroom, and everything seemed to be moving slowly. And then an old feeling came back to me, a feeling from my college days, (which is another confession for another time) I realized I was drunk, which was why I was so relaxed. I managed to stumble out of the tub, and into bed. As I was getting my p.j.'s brushing my teeth, I stumbled all around the house. I was tipsy. When I finally landed in bed, everything started spinning. OOOOO it was bad. It was bad. I slept it off and managed to wake up fine, just felt a little heavy yesterday. So there you have it. My confession--I got drunk Thursday night. That is not a feeling I like, nor do I ever want to feel that way again.


Anonymous said...

okay, I missed you first of all. I have a client who coaches tennis and is also a teacher at the high school. He just told me the exact same story. His life has been crazy!! Bless you both though for serving kids. You are both AWESOME people. Thank you!!!!

And now for the confession... you have to admit it is a little funny. I have not been drinking any wine lately. I am not against it - I just don't feel the need. Anyways, I bet your run was a little tough after that episode : )

Hope your weekend is RESTFUL : )

Renae said...

My hubby just finished up his season of coaching soccer too. He's looking forward to coming home after at a reasonable time instead of late in the evening.

Glad you're still able to find the time to do something you enjoy (running). Hope training is going well for the marathon!