Monday, October 25, 2010

No Regrets

This weekend I had some time to just think. It may have been during my 15 mile training run, but.....I realized how much I disliked the last 2 weeks. I totalled the hours in my head, and I worked almost 70 hours each week. So not worth it, so not worth it.
In college I was pre-law and for a time, I really wanted to go into law, then seg-way into governmental work. I wanted to work in a high rise, I wanted to wear power suits, and I wanted to have power.
Under the tutelage of a great history professor, he really impressed upon me the importance of writing, and it was under his direction that I changed my major from pre-law to history. What can one do with a history degree? You don't see ads in the paper for history majors very often. I didn't know what job I would end up landing, and didn't really care. I loved getting to learn, research, and write. I then went to grad school and continued my studies. History is an amazingly fabulous subject, because it ultimately is the study of people, the study of humanity.
I say all of this, because during that run, I realized God lead me in the right direction. I am not made to work my life away. As a lawyer, I would make soooooo much more money. As a lawyer, I would have soooooo much more power. At what cost? I hated that I woke up early for work, stayed a work late into the night, neglected everything else in life other than work. I neglected my home, my husband, my friends, my sanity. I was in full out survival mode. I don't want to be in survival mode, I want to be in thrive mode. Working all day, and feeling like I can't make any head way. Working all day, and doing things less than my best because I don't have the time to spend on the task. Talking to people and never really hearing what they are saying because my to do list is running through my head all day long. I hated it.
Life is so much more than work. I realized that this weekend, and I am thankful for the path I am on.


Anonymous said...

growing up I had intentions of being a sports medicine doctor. I wanted to work for a professional team.

And, now... I teach yoga.
And, I love my life too.

Anonymous said...

Yoga, I think she needs to revisit that studio ones more to stretch her tight body, give here some tips please. Loving male

Anonymous said...

sorry that was a once more