Thursday, January 13, 2011

Part 2

So, I am walking around the neighborhood praying. Just praying to find the keys. It is about 3:00, and I just want to find the key. After back tracking for a while, I can't find it.
I get on the phone and call my husband. He is 5 hours away job training, so he is not able to bail me out. I call him to tell him the situation. When he answers, he says starts chatting and is pretty talkative, then he puts me on speaker, and tells me he is at his sisters, and all the kids start yelling into the phone, and finally I just say, "please take me off speaker" and in the back ground, I hear, "uh, oh."
I tell P what is going on, and he says ok, let me call you back. As I am walking around the sub division, I start to formulate a plan. First, I need to get into my apartment because I have a spare key, but my house key is in the car. Second, I need to get into my car because my purse, and everything else is in the car.
I drive a Honda. Honda's are very hard to break into, I have locked my keys in my car, and the service guys were unable to break their way in.
P calls back, and tells me to call AAA. I cant call AAA because my card is in my purse, and my purse is in the car. P calls AAA for me. He calls me back and tells me they will be there in an hour. But, I am worried that he wont be able to break into my car, and I need to get into my apartment. I have P call our apartment management office for an extra key, (again I don't have the number to them).
By the time I make my way out of the neighborhood, I have about 45 minutes to make a 3 miles round trip to the apartment, get the key, and get back to the car to meet AAA. I ended up running along the road that I didnt want to run on because it was so busy. I sprinted 100 yards, walked super fast, sprinted 100 yards, walked really fast until I got to the apt. office.
They kept chatting, chatting, chatting, and I finally got the key.
I high tail it to the apartment, drop off the dog, and run to the porch for my bike. The tires are flat, so I air up the front tire, then begin to work on the back. IT WONT AIR UP. I am getting really frustrated and end up saying to myself--whatever.
I grab the extra key to the apartment, my extra car key, and the bike with one flat tire, and book it down the road. I bring the hand held pump with me just in case, and I ride the bike the car. I could feel the road grating the back wheel. But I made it before the AAA guy shows up.
I get to the car and whip out my spare key--but here is the problem, Honda programs keys, and the spare key is only programed to unlock the car, not start the car.
I get it, and rest for a minute. I have covered over 10 miles so far that day. I sit in the car for a moment, and then I realize I am parked on a side street, and I need to make my way to the intersection so that the AAA wrecker will find me. Right when step out of the car to start walking to the intersection, which is about 800 yards away (I think), I see the AAA wrecker drive past the street where I am.
I ended up sprinting to the intersection. I mean, I was full out sprinting trying to catch the guy, but when I get there I don't see him. He turned on one of the many side streets.
I sit there and wait for him. Finally he turns a corner and I start flagging him down like an idiot.
I jump in, we tows me to my apartment, and drops off my car.
Ok, its going to be all right....but its not over yet.


Brooke said...


triple a is handy, but i'd be creeped out being alone with just one of their drivers to save me.

Anonymous said...

okay, first of all - I hate being on speaker phone : )

second, your dog must have been like - what the heck?

hope the story ends well : )