Sunday, January 16, 2011

Part 3, The Ending

The car has been towed to my apartment. The next morning, a friend picks me up and takes me to work. I called the dealership told them the situation, and asked if they could make me a key. Sure we can make you a key they said, but you have to bring the car into the dealership. WHAT???
Honda can only make another key with the car there. UHHHH.
Call AAA again, and ask them to tow me, the 3 miles to the dealership. I asked if they could go and pick up my car while I was at work, take it to the dealership, and I could pick it up and go home from there.
Answer: No.
AAA will only tow with the owner present.
Hang up with AAA, call Honda to make an appointment for 4:45.
Call AAA back, make an appointment for tow at 4:25.
Friend gives me a ride home from work.
4:25 comes and goes, no AAA.
Call Honda, let them know tow truck is running late, please don't close, as I need keys for my car tonight.
Finally at 4:50 AAA tow truck shows up.
Get to Honda around 5:15.
An hour and 230.00 dollars later, 3 brand new car keys that not unlock the car, but start the car.
Moral of the story-- Praise God for AAA, don't lose your keys, and always have a spare key that starts your car, not only unlocks the door.
The end...finally.


Anonymous said...

oh man, that is a bummer. Lesson learned. have a good Sunday!!

Brooke said...

i actually had the reverse problem once - locked my car and while the key would start the car it wouldn't unlock the door.

glad you got it resolved (hurrah for Triple A!) that's a tough lesson to learn though.