Monday, April 30, 2012

Ol' Trusty

In this day and age, things are not built to last. The life span for technology is pretty short, and we constantly have to replace our electronic gadgets. Except for one. Meet this bad boy, our little stalker. I purchased this old Tetris game in college for road trips with our soccer team. I could not afford any of the hand held nintendo's so I went to Target and bought this. I played it quite a bit in college on those road trips and pretty much forgot about it until the year P and I were married.
As we were combining our things, P found this and was hooked. I am not one to brag, but I am going to right now. I am crazy good at Tetris. I think it is my Type A personality, but I can play that game for hours and get to the highest levels.
Now, it has become P's game. This little guy lives in the restroom and gets used on a daily basis. I have tried to throw him out, but P always grabs it before it goes. We got him a new one, and he didn't like it, he tossed it aside and went back to old trusty, Lil' Blue. This guy will not die. He has played it in the bathtub and dropped it in the water. He took it apart, let it sit in rice to absorb the water, and put it back together. This thing must have 9 lives because no matter what happens, it keeps on workin'.
It is now a running joke with friends, they look forward to playing Tetris when they come over.



~Carla~ said...

I've never seen one like that before... I do have Tetris on my iPad though!! :)

Brooke said...

love tetris, we had it for nintendo. someone said that in order to know how to properly load a dishwasher, one needs to be a tetris expert :)

holly said...

That's so fun! I've never been a tetris expert, but I will give it a whirl now and again!

@Brooke, that's hilarious!