Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goal time

Now that marathon season is over, I am finding that I need a new goal. These past few months without a goal I have found myself floundering when it comes to my running. My runs have been slower, shorter, and a bunch of junk miles. Nothing great, nothing to hard, and rarely pushing myself. Times need to change my friends.

One of my goals for this year is to PR in a 5K. I PR'ed in the half marathon distance earlier this year, and now I am ready to go for my speed goal. My goal into run a 5K later this summer in 23:00 or under. That will put me a little over a 7:30 mile, but I know that if I work hard I can do it. To be honest, this distance really scares me. I can run for miles at a nice and slow clip, and I am fine. I can do sprints all day long. As long as I can see the finish line and get a breather for a few seconds, I am good. This 5K distance is fun, but I am really wanting to put pressure on myself to PR. If I am being honest, I really want to finish in 21:00 minutes, but I am not sure if I can get to that pace this summer. But, I am going to bust my hump and try.

I am going to use Hal Higdon's advanced 5k training plan. That means lots of speed work, and lots of pain. It has one long run a week, but only one. This plan kind of scares me because I am worried about losing my fitness that comes with high mileage. I know it will be a major pain in the rump to get it back, but I know that establishing a faster base, it will benefit me in the long run to get a sub 4 hour marathon. Aww gripes, yes I just declared that there will be another marathon either late this year or early next year.


What fitness goals are you working to right now?



Brooke said...

wow!! i am in awe of your speed!! i'm hoping that my work this summer will get me to a sub 26 5K! :P

~Carla~ said...

I truly admire those like you who can train their bodies like you do!! Amazing!! :)