Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puzzle Pieces

I hate puzzles. Mostly because I am really bad at them. I can get the edges, but after that, I am a train wreck. There are just too many pieces and they are not in any order, and the goal is to get them in order, but really how can you because they each have four sides, they all look the same, and seeing all the pieces on the table out of the box makes me want to slap someone.
Lucky for me, I don't have to do the puzzle today, you do.

I know its been all quiet on the Western Front over here, but put these pieces together and you will be able to figure out why.

This pieces
Plus this piece
 Equals this!
Our first place!


Brooke said...

i can't wait to see more!! :)

ERIKA said...

Looks lovely!!!! How many bedrooms??? More pics please:)

Stacia said...

I'm so excited for you!! New FIRST places are like an open canvas, waiting to by designed and lived in with a whole bunch of memories to be made!!

Enjoy all the projects!

Denise said...

way to go - so happy for you!!