Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday confessions

Here are my weekly confessions

1. I threatened to pee on my husband in bed. (for more information, see yesterday's post).

2. I griped at P for not brushing his teeth before bed, when I had not brushed mine.

3. The house is such a mess, and I don't even care.

4. I dropped the B word this week.



Fess. Up. Peeps.



missy said...

Okay my confessions:
I bit#@$% at DH to eat more veggies when I myself need to also
Home by myself on Thurs, and ordered a veggie pizza delivered ate it all--it was a small but still..... but it was the veggies I need--lol
Rode my bike around the neighborhood only to realize on the way home I had forgot to put on my bra...sorry for anyone who had to see that......

Brooke said...

i complain that jay never loads the dishwasher. the one time he did, i redid it all.

Rochelle said...

My house is so dirty that I'm sure hazmat will be putting yellow tape around it! And I don't care!!