Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday confessions

1. I ate cauliflower that was brown

2. I ate hot dog buns for dinner.

3. I had wine for dinner one night

4. We signed up for FPU. We went to one class and have not been back.


Fess up y'all!


Stacia said...

Girlfriend...I don't know why I love to see this every Friday. :)

FPU..I went to 2 classes. I'm a financial loser.

Wine..for dinner? I made cupcakes for dinner the other day for me and my kids. Posted on facebook and some of my friends had a problem with that. Like I care? I'm one of those moms...

I got mad at my son and threw his phone. Broke it. Now I have to replace it. I'm one of those moms....grrrrrr....

Thanks for making me smile today!!

Denise said...

why did you sign up for FPU? you could have wrote the book :)

Brooke said...

i had the world's most redneck dinner last night. quesadillas made from canned ingredients, gin + tang (yep, the orange drink stuff) and watched PBS while i ate/drank it.

Anonymous said...

I agree it doesn't make sense for you to attend FPU based on what you and P know and do.