Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clean Eating, week 3

Clean Eating—Week 3

This has been the easiest week by far. I feel like P and I have really gotten into a rhythm with our eating, shopping, and preparing our foods.

One thing that is new is that P and I menu plan together, and rather than simply planning our main course, we have taken the time to plan the entire meal. Before this, I used to simply plan our dinners during the week, and as a result, we were really in a pinch for breakfast and lunch during the week, and ate out most of our meals on the weekend. Yikes! Talk about unhealthy and a budget buster. Now, doing it together is much easier and works so much better for us.

We have found that we really like shopping on Saturday morning’s. Normally we hit up 1 or 2 stores depending upon pricing, and it goes so much faster when the two of us shop together.

I have also found that we are wasting much less food than before. Rather than throwing away a ton of food every week, we have only thrown out one or two items this entire month.

We do have to do a mid- week shop to restock up on fresh fruits (bananas and grapes), but that is usually a quick trip to the store that does not take too much time.

One thing that has really helped me is P has made my breakfast every single morning, and I could not be more thankful. I work out before work, and I am usually flying around the house like a mad woman to leave on time. Every morning P scrambles me eggs with pesto, and puts it in my Tupperware container for me to grab and go on my way out the door. I don’t know that P realizes how much I appreciate this and need this.

Cutting out the refined sugar has been harder than I expected, (hello week 2) but coming out on the other side of detoxing, I can say that I never want to have to go through that again. I never want to feel like I did. I never want to be that tired, that achy, and that grumpy. It was horrible.

We have cut out, grains, refined sugar, legumes, dairy, and gluten. Because we don’t have a scale, we don’t know what our starting weight was, but I can tell that P has lost quite a bit of weight. He seems to be feeling better, and has more energy naturally rather than relying on sugar. P was a big Coke drinker, and when he went to buy a Coke, I always drank some, and requested treats when he went to the store.

We have had a few cheats and treat nights, but nothing compared to what we used to do.

All in all, it has been a great experience so far, and I think we are going to continue to eat like this for a while. We are following the Paleo plan, and have found it to be a good fit for our lifestyle.


~Carla~ said...

Well done!! It's a great & uber healthy way to eat!! :)

Rochelle said...

Good job!!

Denise said...

that is great! truly, the way of eating that works for you is the best one.

Brooke said...

awesome!! i don't think i have the willpower but admire those of you who do!