Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Money Stash

I have always been a saver. A big one. When I was younger, and my parents gave me an allowance, (something I am trying to convince them they should still do) I would take my money and save it.I found a way to not spend any money. Well, I found a way to not spend my money. 

At some point, I went beyond simply saving, and I started stashing money away in weird places. Remember those stuffed animals with little battery packs it the back to make their eyes light up or make them talk in those creepy voices? Yea, I can't believe they sold so many of them. Looking back, I cannot believe they didn't give me nightmares. 

Did I have a point?
Hi my name is Molly. I am a creeper and I  want to play with your children.  


The zipper pouch where the batteries were held. I used to keep cash in there. I also used to hide cash behind picture frames. When I moved out, and my parents suddenly had money because they stopped bank rolling my life style, they had money to slap up some new paint on the walls, and get rid of my hand print pictures, and buy some nice and classy art from galleries, Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. As they were taking the homemade art off the wall, they found money that I had hidden at some point. 

I continued this as I grew and landed my first jobs. Every time I baby sat, waited tables, worked in the mall, coached soccer camps, and started my first big girl job as a teacher, I continued to pull out a couple of bucks and stash them away.

I never thought this was weird, until I got married. P didn't find out about my stash until one day he was searching for something and stumbled upon my money wad, in my underwear drawer. He was shocked, and thought it was insane. For months, he kept telling me to spend the money. Every time I wanted something, he would say "you have the cash, buy it for yourself." HA! Wrong, I will save and save and save. 

Today, I currently have two money stashes. A larger one, that I keep in my fire box, and a smaller one that I keep with my undies. When I want to shop, or buy something special, I go to my stash and get the money. 

So if you are planning on coming to our house to rob us, don't, because I have my eye on some boots that I just might have to dig into the stash for. 

What about you, do you have a money stash?


~Carla~ said...

lol!! That doll is a creeper... ;) I like to have a small stash of cash on hand, but right now don't have much on hand at all. It's all in my boring bank... lol!

Denise said...

oh my gosh - you are so smart!!

no, stash here but that is about to change.

Brooke said...

that doll is super creepy.
i stash all my money in the bank.

Rochelle said...

I don't have a stash of money. I just steal from my kids! LOL!