Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday confessions

1. I went to the store in my pajamas and without a bra on this week.

2. One day I had on hot pink, bright blue, orange, and purple all at the same time.

3. When someone is mad at me, I turn around and decide to get mad at them for being mad at me. This mostly happens to P.

4. We watched 10 hours of Downton Abbey on Sunday.

Fess up peeps.


Holly KN said...

1. I went to bed at 1, then was up at 3 AM and 6 AM - both times, I ate several squares of chocolate before going back to sleep, because I was hungry.

2. Thanks to #1 (the being awake, not the chocolate), I'm currently exhausted. It's enough to scare me away from the thought of motherhood.

3. I went out for a mid-day run yesterday in the sunshine, and didn't put on sunscreen. My face got sunburned... Please don't tell my dermatologist.

4. I haven't foam rolled in 3 days. Not since I got off a very long airplane flight. Bad news.

One Family said...

I was at the drugstore buying something and grabbed a candy bar at checkout - the cashier said they are buy 2 get 2 free - so I ended up with 4 candy bars and I ate them all myself over 2 days.

I'm supposed to be working while at home right now and I'm reading blogs...

~Carla~ said...

ROTFL! I love these posts.. Hmm... my confession, I can't think of one, it's been a long week. ;)