Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still here and my obsession

Hi, my name is Allison, and I am a bad blogger. Besides my Friday Confessions, that I have to admit we're pretty half as@, I have not blogged in over two weeks.

Sorry y'all. I will be better. Even though I was not writing I was still reading all of your bliggity bliggity blogs.

For now.......our newest obsession....

Downton Abbey

I know that everyone and their grandma has watched this show since it first premiered. Being the trend setter that I am, I jumped on the bandwagon, 3 years late.

I don't even know where to begin letting you know how much we like this show. The best part of watching it is that it was P 's idea. He asked me if I wanted to see watch it on Netflix, and I said sure.

Many many episodes later, I found that I wasted the majority of my day. Every time I had to use the restroom, get a drink, or walk out of the room, I made P pause it so I wouldn't miss a thing. I,of course did not offer him the same courtesy.

This morning I was tempted to call in sick, change into my pj's and watch more episodes. Don't worry, I didn't.

Watching this show brings out my history major geek inside. I want to wear hats, drink tea, and speak with a British accent.

Please tell me some of you watch this show too because I need someone to geek out with.

Do you watch Downton Abbey? What do you think?

What show are you obsessed with?


Brooke said...

i've been a bad blogger recently too, so you are forgiven!

Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE Downton Abbey. I especially like how the episodes are long without commercials. It is one of the shows that my hubby and I like to watch together...one of the only...now I just need to work on him with the Vampire Diaries :-)

Denise said...

you know I love DA - have you finished the whole series?

Sarah Kopf said...

So many folks are addicted to that show! I haven't boarded the train yet... I'm scared to (because I'll get hooked!)