Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Confessions: Running edition

Here are my weekly confessions from my running this week:

1. When running with my dog, I don't let him stop to sniff and pee. So he has gotten in the habit of peeing while running. I am a mean owner.
This would be my dogs urine trail while running. I would not let
him stop to pee, yet I allowed myself to stop and take the photo. 

2. Running gets the pipes going....internally. I was rushing back home one day after the run, and I needed to get to the restroom. I turned the corner and passed gas really loudly when I thought no one was around. Turns out, an entire family was on the side of the yard, and they clearly heard it. 

3. I ran in 95 degree heat. I told everyone, and basically made myself out to be a martyr for running in the heat. 

4. I trip on something nearly every time I run. This week, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk in front of a group of teenagers. They all saw and laughed. I was embarrassed.

Fess up y'all. 


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Haha I could never run in 95 degree heat! I would die.

Denise said...

okay, yeah - you are mean!!
and the gas thing totally made me laugh!!

i guess my running confession would be throwing poop bags (full of poop) into the trees when know one is looking. (now, the bags are biodegradable but i still feel guilty!!)

Brooke said...

i was convinced my running buddy had gotten abducted, but i was so tired i walked (didn't run) around the rest of the park loop to find her.

Holly KN said...

1. I walked into a grocery store today, sweaty, stinky, and covered in trail debris, because I NEEDED MORE WATER.

2. I have gotten on the bus, post-run, in a state that NO ONE should get on a bus. And definitely not have to sit near me. I try to remember to bring a towel...

3. I did a long run today. I have subsequently used this to justify eating a small package of M&Ms, a container of milk tea, and (soon) a cupcake. Whoops.

~Carla~ said...

I don't run. ;) Thankfully as i'm sure i'm less graceful than you... lol!