Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Confessions

Good morning Friends!
It is time for our Friday Confessions!

1.I wore the exact same outfit to work 3 days in a row. Same pants, shoes, socks, sweater, and bra. The only thing that changed was my shirt. Its been a heck of a week, and I have put in early morning and late nights, and just didn't care.

2. My house is in a state of disaster. There is currently a very old apple core just laying on my coffee table, where I left it, 3 days ago.

3. I am obsessed with a new t.v. show. House of Cards on Netflix is AMAZING. I come home each night and change into my p.j.'s and watch this show. Its a series made my Netflix. P and I are so into it. We agreed to only watch with each other, but its currently 4:05 AM and I am considering turning it on.

4. Because of above referenced t.v. show and work schedule, we have eaten out every single meal this week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have been purchased this week. I have a very lovely and very expensive pound of organic bison sitting in my fridge to cook, yet I have not touched it.

Fess up y'all!


Holly @ Run With Holly said...

1. I am about to go out to purchase a Christmas gift for a family we are seeing tomorrow (it's 7 PM local time) for lunch. These are my husband's relatives. I hardly know them, nevermind have ANY idea what to get them. And my husband? Is out for a "work event". Fabulous.

2. I also have NO CLUE what to get my husband for Christmas.

3. I've been meaning to do some serious website re-design for about 4 months now. I thought the holidays might be a nice time to work on it. BAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Amanda S said...

1. Am way over my Christmas budget...
2. We threw out a lot of old and uneaten food today...
3. I bought something for myself while buying my mom's gift...

Ashten said...

1. I have only 1 gift bought.

2. I dressed up a little more to work this week... because I knew we would have visitors/vendors which consist of a few cute guys.

3. I have not bought groceries in a while.. I keep telling myself I dont need any because I go out of town soon..thats how I justified it. but I have spent alot of money on eating out.

4. The other day I said "hashtag serious" outloud.

Rochelle said...

I purchased one gift for my son yet have my daughter almost done.

I got my daughter out of school early today and then used that as an excuse to cancel lunch plans.

I took $20 out of my sons piggy bank and gave it to him to buy Xmas gifts at the Santas Lane in school.

Brooke said...

i got pissed off at my husband for straightening the guest room before company came over last night.

the explanation: he just made it look straight. i had everything in a system and i'm fairly certain presents yet-to-be-wrapped will now be lost.

NapaKat said...

I stayed home Wednesday because of my cold and I had a fever, I probably could have downed some dayquil and been just fine though.

I have no idea what I'm getting my honey or my dad for Christmas, and I'm with them both traveling from Sunday on.

I have eaten wayy to much chocolate this week, but it keeps getting gifted and I want to try it all.

Happy Holidays!