Friday, February 14, 2014

A Vday poem and Friday Confessions, Olympic Style

Happy day of love y'all.

In honor of today's love, here is my favorite poem for you all. I posted this years ago, but its so cute!
I love you more than applesauce,
Than peach and a plum,
Than chocolate hearts,
And cherry tarts,
And berry bubble gum.
I love you more than lemonade,
And seven layer cake,
thank lollipops,
And candy drops,
And thick vanilla shake.
I love you more than marzipan,
than marmalade on toast,
For the love of pies of any size,
but I love you the most.
Jack Prelutsky.

Confession time. With the Olympics going on, I have been, well, not the nicest.

1.Apparently ice dancing is a thing, and they flail their hand about quite a bit. So I have been walking around the house and office flailing about saying "do you think that is worthy of gold?"

2. I have been heated debates about some of the so called "sports." I cannot understand how curling is in the Olympics. It rates right up there with rhythmic gymnastics.

3. I have been watching the Olympics on our iPad during work. So, not a ton of work has been done this week.

4. I have been cheering against other countries.  During ice skating, when its not America, Canada,  England, I am rooting for the athlete on the ice to fall. I spent one 4 minute period chanting fall, fall, fall, fall.

(Looking back, I do feel a bit bad, because these people put in so much time and effort to their event. Over all, I am proud of all of the athletes.)

Fess up friends.


Amanda S said...

Oh the Olympics. Not a big fan, but good to hear that other people are enjoying and keeping up with the events.

My confession is I actually did not clean the house on either of my days off and am leaving it all to the bf this time!

ND Chic said...

I love your humor. It's totally my style. I get why curling is an Olympic sport because its huge in my hometown. There are actually 4 people on the curling team from there. Here's my confession: I wanted Shaun White to lose because I think he's way too cocky and corporate.

ND Chic said...

Two more confessions: when we watch the male figure skaters, we always comment on whether we think they are gay or straight and we compare their performance to Blades of Glory. Lol

Brooke said...

i've actually been watching curling.
no one can confess anything more humiliating!