Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confessions

Hi Kittens! Hope you have all had fabulous week.

Here ar emu weekly confessions.

1.I stepped in dog poo--4 weeks ago. I just cleaned off those shoes this week. For the last month, they have been sitting on the porch and I have walked by them every single day for a month.

2. I continue to walk around the house while pretending to be on ice skates.  I don't think I have walked down the hall without it being backwards with my arms out.

3. We watched the entire series of House of Cards, Season 2 last weekend. We basically said time out to life, and did nothing other than watch t.v. all weekend.

All right, fess up friends!


NapaKat said...

1. My daughter put herself to bed early on Wednesday- rather than do something useful (blog, exercise, clean) I watched netflix and played on pinterest.

2. I've cooked way more food than we could ever finish this week and made no attempt to salvage the leftovers

2.a. I'm planning going out to dinner tonight so I dont have to cook OR eat leftovers.


Rochelle said...

Been secretly waiting for Saturday when my family will be gone all day. Sad cause they are gone all day at school while I'm home but this week we had holiday and snow day cancellations and I need another day alone before I head back to work on Monday!!

Brooke said...

i took a sick day to clean my house. and cleaning my house made me sick b/c of the dust and gunk. i'm nasty yo!