Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Confessions

Hey Peeps! I have been MIA for a while on the blog--but to my defense, I've just been super lazy.
So I realize laziness is not a valid excuse, but I promise to do better by you.

Lets get our confess on! (Did you see what I did there confess...on --------to almost make the word confession??)
Sorry, its about 4:00 AM and I am a bit delirious right now.

1.I called P and A Hole on his birthday. P sauce and I don't have credit cards, all we have is 1 debit card linked to our checking account, so sometimes, it is a bit hard to surprise each other with a gift. I gave him explicit instructions not to look at our bank account online because I bought him something.  He looked "accidentally" and asked me what I bought at the Home Depot. I got ticked, called him the bad word, and told him he ruined my day, which was actually his day.

2. I have managed to use the word sexting in inappropriate settings. Can everyone just agree with me that the word sexting is hilarious? I just recently learned the word, so I use it all the time. Every time P gets a text, I say "Who's sexting you" and giggle. I may have used the word sexting with my boss.

3. I have a hole in the crotch of my favorite sweat pants, but I have still been wearing them.  So one of the dogs is either super horny or super mad at P and I, because he has been chewing things lately. He has chewed the crotch area out of 2 pair of pants, mine and P's, as well as a t-shirt of P's and some of my underwear. Everything has been thrown out, except for my sweat pants. They are the most comfortable sweats in the world, and I sleep in them, and there is a big big hole in the front of the pants, but that has not stopped me from wearing them. They are just not nearly as warm as they once were.

Happy Friday, and fess up friends!!!!


Amanda Simple said...

Oh the chewing thing! Our dog will chew everything if it's not put away. You should sew it up and make them whole again!

I realized this week that I've been giving the cats a lot more food than recommended...

M Ripples said...

Last night I couldn't find my nook. I walked around the house looking for it while munching on some mini vanilla oreos. By the time I found my nook I had eaten the whole bag of oreos.

Ashten said...

I get mad when my work gets in the way and I don’t have time/hours to read blogs each day… and I feel totally out of the loop. Which has happened all week.

& I plan on watching reality TV and being lazy all weekend and no one will stop me. :)

Brooke said...

confession: i'm late to get my confess on (love what you did there!)
i decided i was going to make February the month of love for my darling. then the next day got pissed off at him and have been cold ever since.