Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aereo: A Review

For a few months, my husband and I have discussed cutting our satellite. We were motivated by several factors.

First, it was expensive. We signed a 2 year contract, and the first year, we got a great deal, but after that, our rate sky rocketed, and every month as we looked at our budget, it just seemed like an extravagant expense. In the end, it was a luxury, and one that we felt we could live without.

Second, we found that we were beginning to watch too much t.v. T.V. became what we did. We used it as an excuse not to go out or be active. Also, it was a filler for other things. We found that we would come home, chat for a few minutes, then sit down watch t.v. and stay on the couch until bed. 

Third, we realized that we were watching such a small selection of channels, and we didn't need to pay for such a large package. 

Finally, it dawned on us that the majority of the things we wanted to see we could find online for free. Most channels have app's and they show so much of their content on those app's and we could seek out the content there. 

Between our computer, our iPads, our iPhones and our Apple TV, we are geared up enough to make due without traditional media outlets. 

We knew we wanted some type of traditional t.v., and initially we thought of purchasing an antenna, but after talking with some employees at Best Buy, we discovered Aereo. 

Aereo is a subscription based source for local t.v. that is available online. It works just like Netflix. There is a monthly fee of $8.00 with no contract. It provides about 40 channels, including all the major local networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. There are also quite a few random channels that we will never utilize, but are there none the less. (Unless my husband decided to start collecting weird porcelain dolls, we are probably never going to watch it).  We are able to watch Aereo on up to 2 devices at the same time. So if he is watching a soccer game on Saturday morning, I can still watch the news from our computer at the same time. Plus, with the Apple TV, we are able to use AirPlay and stream the feed onto our t.v. The other great feature is that it also has a DVR, so you are able to record shows just like you can with a traditional DVR or Tivo. 

Between our two subscriptions, Netflix and Aereo,we pay less than $16.00 a month for everything. Given what we were paying before, that is almost a 90% savings. 

At this juncture, we are happy with our choice and very happy with the savings we have found. 

This may not be a forever solution, and one day may go back to traditional cable or satellite, but right now, this is really working for us. 

Anyone else out there use Aereo? What do you pay for cable each month?


~Carla~ said...

Never heard of them, but we have Netflix & Cable.... we pay a disgusting amount for cable, but hubby likes his sports so we keep it. Such is life... ;)

Brooke said...

we recently downgraded our services. our "bundle" is $85 a month, with half of that being internet. the first 4 years of our marriage was cable free and we rarely missed it.