Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Confessions

Howdy ho amgios! Is there an amigo other than P that reads this? Pretty sure y'all are all amigos.

Here are my weekly confessions.

1. I ate 3 sleeves of Saltines and drank a gallon of Sprite. I had food poisoning this week, and to help myself get over it, I bought crackers and Sprite. Not sure if 100 crackers and chugging sugar soda water gets rid of stomach aches.

2. I throw our dog poo over the fence into the alley. I am the worlds greatest neighbor ever.

3. When taking out the trash, rather than opening the gate and setting it behind the garage, I hurl it over the fence. Again, I am the best neighbor ever. And it ticks P off to no end.

4. I paid money to get my nails painted, and then proceeded to pick all the polish off within 2 days.  Waste of moolah.

Ok, fess up my friends!!!


Brooke said...

i've been an angel all week.

Anonymous said...

Most of what I had to confess this week was already copped to over at my place on Wednesday, but I'll add this to the list: I'm using the fact that I had to transfer all my data between 2 computers at work today as my reason for having gotten so little done. Real reason: my blogroll & reading opinions on the draft... I'm the worst. Oh well ;) Happy Friday!

Denise said...

i hope you are feeling better...and the dog poop thing - i think there could be a blog all about confessions of a dog owner and crap.

happy friday!