Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Confessions

Hey y'all. I hope its been a great week for everyone.

Its Friday Confession time....lets do this.

1.I sneezed on a stranger. P and I were riding our bikes and I had to sneeze so I turned to the right and sneezed without covering my mouth. I didn't realize there was a guy right behind me trying to pass us. He ended up riding right by me when I sneezed openly on him.

2. I was running and blew a snot rocket in front of some ladies. I didn't see them, I needed to blow my nose, and I did it right in their front yard.

3. I gave P a nose blow, and I was not sorry about it. A nose blow is defined as taking ones mouth and placing it on anthers nose and blowing. P hates this, and for some reason I really like doing it. Yesterday morning P was about to give me a kiss before I left for work, and I gave him a pretty heinous nose blow. Then I proceeded to laugh hysterically all the way to work.

4. My dog destroyed someones flower bed. I took Bear running and he saw something he wanted to chase and jerked forward into this flower bed. In a tizzy the bricks went flying and
 some terrified rabbit scampered off. I was left having to piece everything back together.

Your turn! Fess up friends! 


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha nose blows! And #2, I do that all the time. It's a part of running as far as I'm concerned. And definitely necessary when it's cold and you can't help but get a little runny. Am I being gross?
I confess that I ate chips and guac for dinner not once, but TWICE this week.

Brooke said...

i am totally grossed out by the whole nose blows thing, or else i'd love to do it. jay does a "blow hole" thing that i hate and this would be perfect revenge.

Denise said...

I've been known to spit not realizing others are so close to me!!

The dog thing...I would have been mortified!! Did the home owners see you?

ND Chic said...

When our friends were over, I showed their 9 year old daughter our kitties. She of course wanted one and they did not. Oops!