Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Throw it Out

Do you ever desire to throw out every single thing you own and start over? I do. P and I live pretty simple lives and we don't collect knick-nacks, and we usually do a great job of weeding stuff out. But sometimes I just want to throw out everything. Even my clothes, and I am a clothes girl. I want to get rid of everything. If I acted on these whims that I get every now and then, P and I would have approximatly 2 plates and a fridge. We would eat off the floor, and share 1 towel.


Brooke said...

i feel ya - especially with the wardrobe situation. alas i don't have enough money to replace the clothes as often as i'd like.

dmoms said...

just think of all the time you would have on your hands - nothing to clean up! we have been donating lots of stuff lately and I love how my house feels so more open

Simplelivin' said...

Totally feel ya! I think I would get rid of at least half my clothes if I knew I could afford to buy just a few new key items!