Thursday, August 26, 2010

I had a good reason

I took my first day off in 3 years last Thursday. I hate taking days off for several reasons. First, when it is time to work, it is time to work. Plus I enjoy work, I really do. Second, I get a ton of days off as a teacher so there is always a vacation right around the corner. Third, at my school, my days dont roll over each year, so if you don't take the days off, you get paid for them. Which is awesome.
Well, like I said, last Thursday I took my first day off. It was really weird. I felt super guilty too. I mean, people were at work, kids were in their desks, yet I was not. So crazy.
But my day off had a purpose, I had a reason.... I had an interview!!!
I have been applying for different jobs for a while now. I really like working in education and I want to stay in this industry. I have been applying for jobs at some universities and not getting any responses. So I started off smaller, I began to apply at some jr. colleges, one to be exact. And I got a call, and an interview. It was my first interview in over 3 years now. I was so nervous it was crazy. The job would be an entry level position, but it would give me a chance to get my foot in the door. I would be working in an office as an assistant. It would combine my love of organizing, and task work, plus it would be in the field of education.
The interview went well I thought, but I have not heard anything yet. I think that means that I was not selected for the job. But, it still makes me excited and gives me hope. I stepped out and began to look. I began to think about making a change, and I went for it. I am going to email the lady I interviewed with and see what the status is.
But it is a first step.

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Anonymous said...

I would have felt weird too but good for you! If you don't get that job - it was for good reason. I am so glad for you! First steps are tough.