Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Itch

I have an itch. I have an itch. I have an itch.......TRAVEL. Must travel now. Must travel soon. I want out of the ordinary and I want the EXTRAORDINARY.....NOW.

I don't know what has gotten into me these last few weeks, but I am dreaming of Europe. I am dreaming of going back to Paris. Of hoping on a train and frittering my life and time away in some old, romantic place. I want to eat good food and see beautiful buildings. I want to travel.

This desire is kind of new for me. Before P and I were married I didn't really ever have the desire to travel. I thought it was fun, but I really enjoyed staying home. I enjoyed being in one place, in my comfort zone. But P has changed that. He has shown me how exciting travel can be. He has shown me how enlightening travel can be. And now I am hooked.
I need to get out of Texas. I need to get away from the everyday. I need to experience something different.
Ok, slow down and breath. Just breath for a minute. It is ok. It is not in the cards right now for us. Back to reality. Back to reality. Whoops, sorry, I was typing out my come back home mantra that I have to say to myself every time I start dreaming my life away.
Reality is a different story right now for us. Travel is not going to happen right now. P is looking for a job, and I just started school.
Reality is different for us right now. Stay tuned for an update...It is almost comical...


Denise said...

nice teaser there! reality is a different story for me right now too but it never hurts to dream.

Denise said...

hey, week five! you go girl. now you are inspiring me. I want to start with a 1/2 again but can't find one nearby. what run do you have in mind?

Pam said...

My 19-yr.-old son just got to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii, courtesy of his high school science teacher who now lives there. We knew for a year that he was going, so we were able to find him a ticket for less than $600 total. It was 2 years worth of Christmas gifts. As he posted pictures on Facebook every day I was torn between "I'm so excited for you" and "I'm crazy jealous and want to draw mustaches on all your pictures"! Now guess who is OVERWHELMED with the longing to go to Hawaii?! (I've never been.)